The Thirty Paths guides were originally intended for local Yoga Tutors, teachers and anyone working in the field promoting relaxation. I have taught Yoga for many years and I found it difficult to source a little handbook which I could use in class, so I decided to write my own.This is the result, thirty basic simple visualisations which have been tried and tested on my own students. Thirty Paths is dedicated to all those who are continually seeking that still small voice within, that which is.

Om Shanti


Winter Meditation Cards
A new set of 7 colourful cards giving you some winter seasonal meditations. 10 visualisations including a new delightful Yoga Nidra. They are chakra colours to lighten the dark days, made from recycled card and come in a plastic folder, you can also laminate them. Bring them out at the start of November and use till the New Year,your students will love them. Buy as a gift to a Yoga student, collegue or teacher at £5.00 a set and £1 towards pp they are a neat, useful addition to your Yoga tool box.more
Daughters of Cullercoats
A nostalgic, memoir chapbook of growing up in Cullercoats in the late 50s. Maggie is the last of the fisherwives painted by Winslow Homer.

Bella is the last of the willick stall holders and Pat and Susie are two feisty, witty, willick sellers.

Between them they tell their own true stories…more

Thirty Paths To Stillness.
This is the first book. Originally a bundle of visualisations written on scraps of paper. Thirty Paths to Stillness was originally…more

Thirty Paths To Peace Thirty Paths To Peace.
This is the second book which contains the remainder of the bundle. A selection of breathing…more
Thirty Paths To Silence Thirty Paths To Silence
The third book is now beginning to turn into a companion set…more
Thirty Paths to Meditate Thirty Paths to Meditate
This is the fourth in the companion set and once again contains 30 techniques for relaxation…more
Student Yoga Handbook Student Yoga Handbook.
This booklet was written in cooperation with North Tyneside Council for Adult education. The handbook was designed by me with students in mind…more
Thirty Paths the CD Thirty Paths the CD.
The C.D lasts an hour and each relaxation lasts 10 minutes or thereabouts. It contains Yoga Nidra, healing relaxations and…more


There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens, this is the Light that shines in our heart - Chandoyga Upanishad