Christmas Meditation

The Christmas Star

There is no need to be worried, scared, or panicky, take comfort that you are in the company of many at this time of the year who feel the same, just stay focused in what you know is right for you.
You are doing your best and giving all you can, so lie down in Shavasana or sit comfortable on a chair and allow the earth and the Universe to support you, because it cannot let you go.

Let go, let go, let go and breathe.
Feel the body drifting and melting.
Just be still, and steady.
Plant the seed of a affirmation into the mind, I am here in this moment, and at this moment this is all there is.
Now be aware of the in breath as it enters the body – be aware of the pause – and shadow the breath out of the body into the space around you.
On the next in breath, breathe the entire body, link into the vibration of the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath, creating a mantra.

Now release the clutter and all the busy-ness of the day.
Feel the mind emptying, reach out into space, elevate up into space and create some room to breathe mentally.

Now imagine white light travelling up the spine to the crown of the head, pause, now feel the light cascading down the front of the body like a crystal waterfall.

Imagine light at the tips of your toes.
Now take the attention to the right foot and take a thread of white light to your left shoulder.
Now take your attention to the left foot and take a thread of white light to your right shoulder.
Now take a thread of white light from the right hip to the left.
Now take a thread of white light from the left hip to the right.
Now hold the image of a bright star, as you start to pulsate with light.
Deepen the sensation with the affirmation I am a Star, I am a Star, I am a Star and believe that statement.

Now feel as though you are being guided into the dark blue velvet sky and against that background, how you shine, put some more energy into yourself until you feel yourself vibrating with light.

And look, you are not alone, because the sky is now filled with millions of stars, small and twinkling, large and solitary, groups and clusters, shooting stars, and you are being drawn into this light show.
Now start to direct your light towards planet earth in the knowledge that your light will breach the darkness, and help to heal and restore this troubled but fantastically beautiful planet.
Hold this visualisation a short while.

Now feel yourself drifting through the night sky, down towards your mat or chair, and feel lighter as if a weight has been shifted, your mind has cleared, your path is straight, and as you take a deep breath in, say to yourself all is well, and all, is well, at this moment.

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A Christmas thought for 2018 /strong>

This simple meditation can help us use the Christmas tree as an expression of peace and healing for the entire planet.
In the yoga class we can also sit in a circle with a lighted candle.

Imagine a forest of pine trees shining pure emerald green on a cold winter day.
The Fir tree is bright emerald green as it shines in the winter sunshine, strong sturdy and upright it breathes in light and energy, it spreads its branches and just reaches out.
The forest of fir trees is a mass of energy, waiting in the deep snow, avenues of trees, waiting, waiting.
The cones cling to the branches, icicles hang, dripping in the winter sunshine.
Cobwebs glisten as the mist and rain fail to destroy their intricate design. The strong smell of pine is carried on the silent cold wind.
The fir tree reaches up towards the light and breathes, and breathes again, so young am I, too early, Do I have to be a trinket? the plantation is ready, each fir tree grown especially to be decorated.